Our Mission

Giving the gift of mobility

Ride to a better future 


Imagine needing a wheelchair but not having the resources to obtain one. You will be forced to crawl everywhere you go. This is a reality for an estimated 70 million people worldwide, for which the Free Wheelchair Mission has provided over 1 million free wheelchairs to such people in need. However, some users of these wheelchairs have upper-body weaknesses which make it difficult for them to propel themselves using the pushrims of the wheelchair. This product aims at building a lever driver to help these people easily get by on their wheelchairs.

  • 1. Pulley : Zinc
  • 2. Plate: Stainless Steel
  • 3. Flange: Cast Iron
  • 4. Flat Bar: Plain Steel
  • 5. Lever Arm: PVC

Our Design

WheelChase is developing a lever arm wheelchair driver to meet the unique needs of patients in the developing world.

Low Cost

Long Lasting

Ease of Use


Our Workplace

Come to find out how do we design and make our prototype.